Terms of Service

PowerFPS has the rights to remove your rank without a warning if you choose to abuse it.

Ranks are only registered onto one SteamID and cannot be transferred to another account.

Ranks are non refundable as we use the money to pay for our servers and upgrade them.

PowerFPS has the right to change these terms without notice and it is up to the player to keep track of what is relevant.

Any form of sale of your credits or ingame items will lead to your status being removed or a permanent ban.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do my donations get used for? : All money we receive is to pay for our servers. Servers aren't free and they cost money. PowerFPS is non profit and we will never profit from your money.

What happens if I PayPal chargeback? : If you choose to PayPal chargeback we will have the rights to terminate your paid services.

Do you guys accept swish? : Yes we do, if you wish to use swish please join our discord and contact powerind (Erik)

If you have any questions that weren't covered above please join our discord